Slate Roof Services

Slate is a traditional and all-natural roofing material going back as far as the 1200s. Slate is mined in the Eastern United States, much of it in Pennsylvania, and is available in a range of sizes and colors: green, gray, gray-black, purple, mottled green and purple, and red. Slate is beautiful, fireproof, and durable. If it is installed and maintained correctly, it can protect your home for 100+ years.

Slate is very popular as a roofing material on homes, schools, churches, historic buildings, and other structures in the Delaware Valley, especially on old Victorians. Many of these roofs are 100 or more years old and should be regularly inspected for damage both to the tiles and to the underlying roof. Any damage should be repaired immediately.

Slate can be difficult to work with. CD Kaller has ‘slaters’ trained and skilled in the installation and maintenance of slate roofing. Contact us for new slate roofs, replacement or inspection, maintenance, and repair. We are a charter member of the Slate Roofing Contractors of America.

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